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Meet the Team

All-American Lift Systems has decided to open their business due to the demand and understanding the need of Hillside Lift Systems in the Midwest. We always make sure to network with the best businesses in the industry in order to ensure every project is done at a competitive rate while upholding top quality standards. Learn more about our professional team and find out how we can help you today.




Rich is an executive business professional that brings 20 years of experience in Construction Operations, Construction Management, and a
history of successful business growth through fostering partnerships and delivering results. Rich has developed invaluable history and experience
in building businesses based on safety, honesty, and customers needs.
This experience coupled with a hands on approach and a tenacious work ethic will help All-American Lift Systems deliver on our commitment to customers and lift your waterfront experience with modern, safe, and reliable lift system installations and service.




For over a decade now, Eddie has been managing production teams in the Engineering field. From the ground up he has assembled structured teams of employees while being an integral part of the growth of his two previous employers. His duties included planning, coordinating, and controlling the manufacturing process so that projects were delivered on time and within budget. Eddie has always been the main point of contact between the major departments within the companies. He also has experience with incline lift companies as he worked closely with them to manufacture mechanical components as well as oversee the electrical panel builds. Because of this experience and growth in operations management he has decided to follow his passion and partner with Rich to start their own business. He is the production go to at All-American Lift Systems when it comes to crews, installation, and service of the systems.

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